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I was close to ditching my items and rolling out. Since l I can no longer find what I’m looking for I proceed to wait in the check out lane to check pay for my items. Being only the fourth person in line I really had no more time to wait as I had to get somewhere else. They need to do something about that ridiculous line though. You need a game plan before you walk into Nordstrom Rack, though, since it can be an overwhelming experience. Also read: 50 Ways To Beat Insomnia This has been a terrible experience and will make sure I won’t go to this store ever again! It’s also the type of store that gets multiple shipments weekly so going once a week helps. Though Clark isn’t big on store cards due to the high interest rates, there is a type of store card he does like: Store cards that are actually debit cards! This exactly what type of culture is facilitated here.

Posh Power Seller
  • Leather upper & lining, rubber sole
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  • Alberto Makali
  • Make sure you have enough time and lots of patience
  • The ‘Clear the Rack’ sales happen about 12 times a year
  • It’s down in the basement; you probably won’t get cell service

They’re horrible, honestly. So whenever I’m around the area, I really try my best not to stop by since it just always disappoints me on how I was and will be treated in here. Don’t try to blame on the “policy”, because I spoke with two different people and one wanted to accept the return, and the other one did not! Terrible return policy. Not like Nordstrom’s. 108 like the others! At least it’s nothing like the Last Chance horror ride. Last week, it was “75% off women’s boots size 6 1/2 and under” (excludes UGG’s and designer). Store is a pretty good size and staff is very friendly. Since it had a tag on it, the store was still obligated to sell it. Don’t miss the monthly Clear The Rack (CRT) sale where you will benefit from an additional 25% off any already reduced Red Tag item. You get immediate notifications on your phone with the best sale prices available! Like turning up every shoe in your size will most likely get you a penny item. This specific location looked more like a marshals on the inside. Also read: Charm Your Personality With Cheap Nike Air Jordan Fusion Shoes Not impressed. This used to be a good location but not anymore.

Nordstrom Rack Additional 25 Off

Good place to come to on the whole! So there you have it, great stuff and great people with a whole lot of integrity at this store. The store has convenient parking and it’s generally more expensive than Marshalls but comparable to Bloomingdales. It’s like a step-up from Marshalls and TJ Maxx. How can you not like Nordstrom Rack? However, I have been told a few times that once an item hits Rack pricing, the full line will not sell it. When I went to check out I got in a line which looked long but I was sure would move quickly because there were so many cashiers. I found 2 single shoes and went to the ‘Shoe pick up’ and they couldn’t find the match for either. I’ve never went into another Nordstrom Rack like that. It smelled like feet and the flow of sizes were completely off. No variety of sizes. VERY CURT salesgirl said no plus sizes.

Shopping is a fun and therapeutic way to refresh our wardrobe.

Inventory probably won’t be the same online versus what is in your nearest physical store, so even if you have a Nordstrom Rack close by, it’s still worth checking out what is available on the website. Also read: 200+ Senior Discounts I honestly don’t even know where to begin on this location. So disappointed with the experience I just had at the Scottsdale Promenade location. Also read: Adding An Authorized User I had a wonderful shopping experience. Shopping is a fun and therapeutic way to refresh our wardrobe. 01 item though, it may well be a surprise at the checkout line, since the tagged price is never marked this way. It was a pleasant surprise to find a lot of items that were actually in a Nordstrom store at some point in time rather than the direct to Rack merchandise. If you love browsing & shopping, this store may be great for you as there is a ton to look through.

Look for sale tags that are in the worst condition possible (lots of markdowns and stickers) to be certain the article is straight from a mainline Nordstrom instead of a mass-manufactured factory line. Then she moves so that her entire body covers the unit making it impossible to even shop that line of make-up any longer. I was in the make-up area (Urban Decay) and an employee in a lime green vests decides to straighten up the lipstick while I am literally looking at them. Then the same employee makes eye contact with me while I’m waiting in line and stares me down. The line is always a 20 minute line for checkout. You ask if they can check you out because you only have 2 items and the line is crazy long and they tell you staright up no and continue putting away clothes and does not even look at you. Are you an employee representing Nordstrom Rack with your lack of awareness who proceeds to stare down a customer in a check-out line? Bathroom is a hit or miss, there are times toilet papers are on the floor (clean & used) and other times its clean.